Friday, October 13, 2017

Halloween Popcorn Box Party 2017

Happy Saturday!!

I am excited to be participating in Laura Kelly from Me and My Inklings Halloween Popcorn Box Party 2017!

For me, spiders are one of the creepiest things associated with Halloween, but this spooky cute spider has stolen my heart!

We each received a package full of goodies from some really great sponsors including World Market, Kunin Group Felt, Udderly Smooth, Sizzix/Ellison and Oriental Trading.  There is also a giveaway, so make sure to scroll through my post to see the link...

To create my spooky cute spider, I started by painting the Popcorn Box with Lamp Black Americana Paint by DecoArt.  One coat did the trick!

Add giant wiggle eyes to black pom poms for the eyes and attach to the top of the popcorn box with hot glue.

Next punch 4 holes randomly in the right and left side of the popcorn box.  Insert fuzzy pipe cleaners into each hole...

 Bend the pipe cleaners to create legs of different lengths.

And then secure the pipe cleaners to the inside of the popcorn box with hot glue.

Fill with popcorn and ENJOY!

Create your own Popcorn Box and join the Party!

Now here is the FUN STUFF - PRIZES!  There are four prizes from Sizzix, Kunin, Udderly Smooth and World Market!  Enter below through the Rafflecopter widget.

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Creatively, Beth

Faux Pallet Pumpkins featuring Tombow Pens and Adhesives

Good Friday Morning, or should I say FRI-YAY!  I have the pleasure of writing this post from my delightful room at the Quartermain House B & B, owned by my dear friend, Debra Quartermain.  A lovely setting, but I will share more about this wonderful weekend in a blog post later.

Now on to business!  Crafty business that is!

For the final round of the Tombow Design Team we were sent a box of supplies, of which we had to use at least 2 adhesives and at least 2 pens.

From that box of goodies, I put all of my inspiration into faux pallet pumpkins to decorate my Happy Fall Y'all sign.  Follow along below to see how I created this sign and the techniques I utilized.

I always begin with a sketch and I have to say that I just LOVE the new Tombow MONO Drawing Pens.  The 05 is my go to for drawing, doodling and working out my designs on paper before I begin creating.  Sometimes I color them in with Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

I had this wooden pallet sign  12" by 15" in my craft stash, but it was the grey color was all wrong for a Fall themed projects, so I fixed that with Tombow Dual Brush Pen 899 and a few baby wipes!  Watch the video below to see how I did it!


Recently I found these giant craft sticks and just have to hoard them add them to my collection of craft sticks.  Creating faux pallet pumpkins in several sizes required craft sticks in several sizes.  Line up three sizes of craft sticks in blocks and sketch pumpkins in in three different sizes using MONO Drawing Pencil in 3H grade.  Cut out the pumpkin shapes and trace onto the craft sticks.

Color the craft sticks with Dual Brush Pens 933, 925 and 946 using the edge of the brush tip.  Blend away the brush strokes with the Dual Brush Pen Blender N00.

Carefully cut out each craft stick along the traced edge to create the pumpkin shapes.

For some of the cuts, I used a craft knife.

Dual Brush Pens are extremely versatile.  Place the cotton lace on the Blending Palette and spray with the Mister, both from the Tombow Blending Kit.  I colored the white lace with Dual Brush Pen 020 to create an ivory lace to match the others in my stash.  Set aside to dry.

To create leaves, color some plain paper flowers with shades of Dual Brush Pens in Green 245, 195, 133, 173, 098 and 158 using a light and a dark tone for each.

Then spray until soaked with the Mister from the Blending Kit and set aside to dry.

To give the large pumpkin added interest and texture I added a swirl pattern with the bullet tip of the  orange TWINTONE from the Bright Set.

Color the smallest craft sticks with the bullet tip of the brown TWINTONE from the Bright Set.  Attach the lace and rick rack with Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive.  Remember to roll to apply, then swipe the tip to the side for a clean application.

Layout the pumpkins on the wooden canvas until you are pleased with the composition, then attach with MONO Multi Liquid Glue.  The MONO Multi is perfect for the impatient crater, like me, because it has a strong bond and sets up quickly.

Attach the stems next.

Fold over and squish the paper flowers to create leaf shapes.  Secure the layers and attach to the pumpkins with Tombow Xtreme Tabs, which are clear and five times stronger than traditional tabs.

The final step is LETTERING!  I have grown to love and embrace my handwriting over this past year, so I measured out my saying HAPPY FALL Y'ALL to figure out where the middle was.  Transfer those measurements to the wooden canvas and fill in the lettering using the brush tip of Dual Brush Pen N15.  Now, I will have to caution you that I used an older Dual Brush Pen for this particular lettering since writing on the wood frayed the brush end a bit.

And here is my finished Happy Fall Y'all sign, ready for my mantel.  I really love trying out new techniques and using traditional productions in unique ways.  Pushing the limits of my supplies to see what they are capable of, which allows me some great creative wins, but also results in some craft fails, which is perfectly OK, because that's how we learn!

I hope that you have enjoyed my Faux Pallet Pumpkins and you will use this project and the techniques I have shared today to showcase YOUR Tombow creativity!

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Creatively, Beth

Monday, September 11, 2017

Create a Trio of Votives with Tombow

I love taking conventional products such as Tombow Dual Brush Pens and MONO Aqua Liquid Glue and using them in unique and unconventional ways.  I recently developed a method to tint glass with these two products and decided to experiment with some additional techniques.  Some worked and some did not, but below are three that I thought turned out pretty cool.  Follow along to see how I made them...

Ombre Votives:
Pick three shades of Dual Brush Pens in the same color family, dark 606, medium 603 and light 620. Scribble the darkest color on the bottom third of the votive.

With the pen tip of the MONO Aqua Liquid Glue, draw squiggly lines around the votive.  Then set aside to dry.

Repeat with the medium and light tones of purple Dual Brush Pens, letting each each section dry before moving on to the next.  Once completely dry, you can remove the excess Dual Brush Pen ink with a paper towel.

Here's a close up of the ombre votive, the glue lines flattened some as they dried, but I have to say I love this effect.  Perfect for a wedding reception or baby shower.

Splatter Votives:
Start by coating the outside of the votive with a layer of MONO Aqua Liquid Glue.  Let dry.

Scribble Dual Brush Pens 856 and 837 on the Palette from the Blending Kit, then roll the votive into the ink.  This works best if you hold the Palette in your hand.  Repeat until the votive is covered.  Now, I thought I had picked a darker red and burgundy color, but they have definitely come across as bright red and this looks kinda like blood splatter. 

With this color scheme, these votives would be great for Halloween!  Change up the colors to match any color scheme.

Mermaid Votives:
Apply MONO Multi Liquid Glue in a scale pattern around the outside of the votive holders.  When set this glue will turn from white to milky, but will remain tacky.

Once the MONO Multi is tacky the foil can be applied.  I used Designer Foils from Clearsnap in Lagoon and Seaport.  Just apply the dull silver side of the foil to the glue, burnish gently with your finger and peel away.

Repeat with alternating colors until all the glue is covered.

To complete the look, scribble Dual Brush Pen 555 on the palette from the Blending Kit, squeeze a quarter size dollop of MONO Aqua Liquid Glue, mix with an old paintbrush and apply to the inside of each votive.  Allow to dry completely.  NOTE: Once the inside of the votive is covered in glue only use a battery operated candle.  Do not use a flame candle.

I love how these votives turned out!  Just the thing to brighten up a mermaid birthday party!

I hope that y'all have enjoyed my trio of votives with Tombow and that you will use my projects as a jumping off point to showcase YOUR Tombow creativity.  Try something new and experiment with your supplies.  You never know where inspiration will take you.

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Creatively, Beth

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How to Create a Flowering HeARTfelt Journal

I am so very excited to share with you my Flowering HeARTfelt Journal featuring a die created by one of my craftiest friends, Eileen Hull!

My HeARTfelt Journal cover was actually a craft fail.  Painting over my ugly faux wood grain with black saved it from the trash bin!  Add bright pops of color by hand coloring a fabulous flowering die cut card stock, then accent with doodling to create my Idea Journal.  A special place where I can draw and write down all my inspirational ideas and thoughts.  I hope my journal will get your creative juices flowing!

HeARTflet Collection - Sizzix® ScoreBoards™ XL Die - Journal by Eileen Hull™ #661906
Sizzix® Little Sizzles - 6" x 13" Mat Board Pack, 6 White Sheets
Americana Paint by DecoArt Lamp Black and Graphite
Decorative Scrap Book Paper – 12’ x 12”
American Crafts - Amy Tangerine Oh Happy Life Die cut cardstock: Much Love
Waxed Paper
Elastic Cord – black – 48” length
Grid Paper – 48 sheets
Assorted Ribbons – 8” lengths
Pearls – self-adhesive in assorted colors

Sizzix® Big Shot with Multi Purpose Plate and Cutting Pads
Paint Brush – Flat wash ¾”
Paper Trimmer
Corner Rounder Punch
Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive
Tombow Dual Brush Pens – assorted colors of choice
Tombow MONO Drawing Pens 01, 03 and 05
Tombow MONO Aqua Liquid Glue

1. Die cut a front and back cover for your Journal.

2. Paint the inside and outside of both covers lamp black, let dry.  Dry brush the outside of both covers horizontally and vertically with graphite to resemble linen, let dry.

3.     Measure and cut two pieces of scrapbook paper 4” by 8 ¼” then round the two outside corners.  Attach to the inside front and back covers of your journal with xtreme adhesive.

4.     Measure two 4 ½” wide by 8 ¾” tall rectangles onto the die cut paper Much Love.  Color with a variety of dual brush pens, leaving the words white.

5.     Doodle over the hand colored paper with permanent pen, using the bullet and fine tips to give dimension to your design.

6.     Rough cut colored and doodled rectangles with scissors.  Flip over, and on a protected surface apply liquid glue to the back of the first paper rectangle.  Carefully apply to the outside front cover of your journal, layer with waxed paper and press down to adhere.  Gently lift up waxed paper and discard.  Press down in additional areas needed with fingers.  Repeat with outside back cover of journal.  Let glue dry.

7.     Once dry, trim any excess paper from edges of journal covers with scissors.

8.     Overlap the spine of the front and back journal covers and attach with xtreme adhesive.  Make sure to line up the top and bottom sets of holes on the spine.

9.     Thread the elastic through the holes in the spine creating four long loops.  Secure both ends of the elastic with knots.

10. Measure and cut 48 sheets of grid paper 8 ½” wide by 8” tall.  Make four groups of 12 sheets, then fold each group in half to create four signatures 4 ¼” wide by 8” tall.

11. Insert each signature through each elastic loop to create the inside pages of your journal.

12. Tie assorted ribbons to the elastic along the outside spine of the journal.  Embellish the front cover with self-adhesive pearls.

I hope that you will use my Flowering HeARTfelt Journal as a jumping off point to showcase your creativity using Eileen Hull Dies from Sizzix.

Thanks for stopping by!
Creatively, Beth